TicketLeap Content Case Study

“It’s experiences, not things, that provide the lasting memories. Events are organized experiences and we want more of them to exist in this world by inspiring and empowering the passionate people that create them.”


TicketLeap is a national, online ticketing company based in Philadelphia, PA with the goal of “inspiring and empowering passionate people” to create events. Internal customer research highlighted one of the primary barriers to throwing events was a gap in knowledge of how to hold an event.

TicketLeap wanted to create a more event savvy, knowledgeable consumer that would then become new users for their ticketing platform. The logic was: a more savvy customer = more events to be created.


Our team developed the concept of Events University, a content hub full of educational information on how to throw a successful event.


The content strategy included brand tone & voice positioning, topical research & outline development, and promotional & outreach strategies to get content in front of customers.

The final deliverable included research, production schedule, and promotional strategy plan to hand off to TicketLeap’s video and content teams to carry out final production and publishing.


Once strategy was delivered, TicketLeap took production in­-house with their video and content teams to develop.