PetsBest Pet Insurance Content Case Study


PetsBest’s digital & content programs at the time were not converting into customers the way they hoped or intended for them to. They had a number of different programs in place including customer engagement contests, blog content, and pet health & safety columns.

PetsBest approached our firm (Content Harmony) to audit and revamp their content programs with the end goal of creating a program that successfully drives new business.


Our team began with a deep dive into PetsBest’s current content programs to determine what was working, and what was not.

We identified a primary customer and core persona as those new to owning dogs and searching for first-timer advice a wide variety of topics.

Through competitive analysis, search trend data, and other content research, our team created a content program surrounding the development of a new dog owner’s guide.

With the guide, our team developed a series of blog posts and supporting content we could use to promote and drive new users to the dog owner’s guide, engaging them further into the purchase funnel.

Additionally, our team used paid Facebook ads and retargeting to expand the content’s reach to new customers while pulling potential customers back to the site.

Overall, our team’s work included:

  • Content audit & analysis
  • Content topic & competitive research
  • Content writing
  • Graphic design & social graphic creation
  • Creating audience segments, running & managing Facebook ads
  • Creating editorial & publishing calendar
  • Writing and publishing social copy across Twitter and Facebook
  • Outreach to influencers and publishers


Throughout the project, our team was able to consistently show improved engagement across our content and social strategies with an increase in quotes and leads.

Additionally, our content accomplished a secondary goal of improving the PetsBest presence in organic search results. The new dog owner’s guide along with our supporting blog content began surfacing higher in search results for key search terms and attracted links from our outreach efforts.