Hey everyone.

My name is Sam and I am a Seattle-based content and marketing strategist. In the past seven years I have been lucky enough to work with some really great companies and colleagues on challenging projects across the country.

I am currently working as an independent marketing strategist and consultant with a focus on developing customer-centric campaigns that drive key business metrics and early return-on-investment.

In the past I have had the incredible opportunity to work with a couple of great agencies, one in Philadelphia and one here in Seattle.

At Seer Interactive in Philly, I took on account management for large and small clients, alike. From Fortune 500 eCommerce clients to small, local security companies, we developed content and search marketing strategies that grew customers and revenue year-over-year with a positive return-on-investment.

At Content Harmony in Seattle, I spent three years as the Strategy Director where I managed our team of seven strategists and lead client strategy and execution for a wide variety of clients including venture-backed SaaS startups, large eCommerce retailers, and hyper-niche medical supplies.

Outside of the office I try to spend my time unplugged. You can often find me on one of my few bikes or at the local climbing gym. The few dry summer months we get in Seattle are spent outside with as many nights in a tent as possible. New recent hobbies include woodworking and furniture building as I’m learning and teaching myself (poorly) how to hand build unique, sustainable, and lasting products.

I also really enjoy spending my time volunteering at one of Seattle’s local bike non-profits like BikeWorks or Cascade Bicycle Club in an attempt to give back and make Seattle just a little more bike friendly for everyone.